Scheduling requests may be submitted via email or phone before use of the space. Walk-ins are welcome, subject to current room availability. Weekly schedules are posted on the doors of available rooms. You may not change someone else’s scheduled time without their consent. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm; Saturday 10am – 5pm; Sunday 12pm – 5pm.


Payments must be submitted before use of any room. Fees may be paid with cash, credit card ($10 minimum), or check made payable to Piedmont Piano Company. For long-term rentals, fees are due by the first of the month, and no later than the first day of rental within that month. All delayed payments may incur a late fee. It is expected and appreciated that all renters abide by the honor system.


All renters must use only the room(s) during the day(s)/time(s) that have been reserved/paid for, and renters must be mindful of other users before or after the scheduled time. No food or drink is permitted under any circumstances, with the exception of plain water in a capped container. This applies to all users of all rooms and the waiting area. Water containers, books, backpacks, instrument cases, or any other materials should NEVER be placed on the pianos. Please respect the space and the instruments. If you need to reconfigure the piano(s) for any reason, you must return the room to its original configuration before you leave.


If access to the studios is needed after regular business hours, a key and alarm code are needed to enter the building. A one-time $25 fee is required for receiving a key and code. For the safety and security of all users, keys and codes must NOT be copied, shared, or used outside of agreed rental times. If you misplace your key and need a new one, there will be an additional $25 charge. Please inquire for details and availability.

For more details, contact Sharmila G. Lash at or (510) 652-1222.